Healthcare Management & Consulting Services

Healthcare, Nursing Home & Assisted Living Consulting Services

With over 25 years of Owning, Managing & Developing long-term care related services I can consult you for:

Underperformance, Regulatory Compliance, Temporary Management or New Development

Hospital & Health Systems ancillary services of Skilled or Basic Nursing Homes/Units, Assisted Living Residences, Senior Residences, Adult Foster Care, Home Health Care & Hospice Services, Out-Patient Rehab services/Satellites. I can assist with underperformance, regulatory compliance or new development.

Multi facility operations of Skilled/Basic Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Senior Residences, Adult Foster Care, Home Health Care & Hospice Operators and Out-Patient Rehab clinics.


Provide on-site review of Physical Plant, Operations and Regulatory Compliance for due diligence, post -acquisition or pre- litigation.

Nursing Home Expert Witness Litigation

Defend facilities/owners/providers from individual, class action or government claims.

Assist individuals/firms that believe they have suffered from a negative outcome, fraud or other claim against a related health care ancillary type service.

US Government Medicare Fraud Defense

Peter Katz, Jim Heenan & I are putting together a defense program geared towards individuals and business entities that have been or are being identified by the US Government’s RAC teams. RAC’s are charged with identifying and recovering Medicare funds obtained through fraud. Peter Katz, being a former US Prosecutor is very familiar with the Governments methods for establishing and prosecuting these types of cases. Jim Heenan & I both owned and operated multiple Home Health Care Agencies, which is the current focus. Peter & I are currently negotiating with the defense team for a large US Gov target group in Texas.


Telephone Medication Reminder/Check In

Only $50.00 per Month*

Download and print out the document below, fill the bottom half of the form, and mail or email to the address at the top of the page. Feel free to copy and give to any friends, relatives or neighbors. Service available anywhere in the Continental United States.

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